Bonjour à tous,
"Mille Fois Bienvenue"- One hundred thousand welcomes.
A new opportunity has arisen for the Alliance Française of Detroit to join forces with the French Institute of Michigan.
The AFD wishes to plan and produce monthly Francophone activities and under our current structure this is becoming more of a challenge.
When non-profits merge, they focus on the furtherance of their combined missions. AFFIM wishes to help the AFD chapter maintain its history and forge a new chapter in the promotion of French culture in Detroit and the surrounding metropolitan area. Evidence of this common goal has been evident in the multiple group projects that have been brought to life by both groups such the talk on Joseph Campau at Traffic Jam, Bayou Detroit (Acadian music concert), and the Christmas chorale & dinner at St Anne’s just to name a few.
This is definitely a win-win situation; the benefits of this merger are many. They include:
1.    Larger membership base for planning/participation in French / Francophone inspired activities
2.    Continued participation of several board members of Alliance Française to be invited to join the current board membership of AFFIM for a total of 12 members (4 from AFD)
3.    AFD members can now more easily interface with AFFIM events
4.    Access to services offered at AFFIM such as French films, weekend classes, online Francophone books & videos.
Please know that this is being warmly received by all at AFFIM and great care has been taken to ensure that programs we value  ( including La Soirée Littéraire, Encore Détroit, FLICS program, & the Cadillac medal program) are being included in the new mission, calendar of events, and structure of the newly formed group.
Effective July 1, 2015-The new title of the group is the Alliance Française de Détroit/French Institute of Michigan (AFD/FIM).  We will operate as a non-profit organization and use the structure in place of AFFIM, Membership dues will now be payable to the new consolidated organization and the fee structure will be as follows:
 The decision of AFFIM Board is to Grandfather the current AFD rates for 2 years     with the following options for each member:
    Option 1: AFD Members pay each year for 2 years at the AFD rate, starting the end of the current AFD's     fiscal year –
    Option 2: AFD Members pay the AFIM annual rate of $40, but get two years’ membership.
    On the third year all members will be under a common membership schedule. 

"Nous n`avons pas le manche apres la cognée" - we are not throwing in the towel...

We look forward to your continued support and participation. We thank you for your admiration of all things Francophone and we are confident that you will enjoy even more cultural & historical events as members of the Alliance Française de Détroit / French Institute of Michigan.

Please follow us at for future events and opportunities to get involved.

The Members of the Board of the Alliance Française de Detroit

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