Carnival On The Detroit River

June 25th,2023 In the honor of the 140th Alliance Francaise anniversary, The Alliance Francaise of Detroit is proud to offer a new experience on the Detroit River this year! To celebrate the francophone culture and recognizing the Detroit River as a symbol of the French history in North America we launched our first Carnival On … Continued

Festinema Junior 2023

The USA Alliance Francaise Network is offering a Francophone Film Study Program to be presented as a supplement to local schools French Curriculum. The program is known as FESTINEMA JUNIOR. The network provides an opportunity for students age 4 to 18 to discover and learn while bringing to life the magic of the French Cinema. The … Continued

Night of Ideas- March 5, 2023

Night of ideas is a worldwide event coordinated by the Institut Français, Paris and co-produced by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy around the world. Alliance Francaise of Detroit in partnership with the Detroit Historical Society joined this movement for the first time this year! Debating, expressing one’s ideas in an important part of … Continued

Galette des rois 2023

Traditionally on January 6, Epiphany Day, most people celebrate it on the first Sunday in January. Actually, it became the occasion also to exchange best wishes for the year, which French will do until the end of January. Thus, French people usually eat several galettes des Rois all through the month of January.  This year at the Alliance Francaise de Détroit … Continued

La crème brulée

Cooking with Ariane Nov.22 This timeless classic remains a great example of simple, classical cooking. This past Saturday we followed Ariane steps to prepare our own Crème brulée! We confirm that it is very easy to prepare yet a little change can make a difference. Any way, we really had fun making our irresistible flavorful … Continued

Annual Convention des Alliances Françaises in Detroit

October 20-22, 2022, for the first time Detroit received the annual national convention of Alliances Francaises. Alliances Francaises de Détroit and Grosse Pointe supported by the Alliances Francaises of Lansing, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids teamed to host Alliances Francaises from all other the country, Canada, Ste Lucie and Paris. The schedule was busy . The … Continued

Bastille Day

Commonly called Bastille Day in the USA, July 14th is actually the French National holiday “la fête nationale Française”. French refers to it as “le 14 juillet”. Usually celebrated with Military parades, fireworks and balls in France; in Detroit, we celebrate Bastille Day with a nice diner, music, art and official statements.