Festinema Junior is an annual national French film festival offered by the AF USA network and Institut Français to elementary and secondary French students. French teachers are invited to contact us to participate in the program.

This is an educational program tailored to teach French culture trough films. It consists of age-appropriate movies.  Each movie comes with a pedagogical dossier in English and in French that provide the teacher with tools to prepare students before the movie and to discuss it after the screening.

The 2022 Festinema program edition is as follow:

4-6 years: "Athleticus" de Nicolas Devaux (a series of wordless animated episodes)

7-12 years: "Calamity" de Rémi Chayé (animation movie-adventure)

13-15 years: "Fahim" de Pierre-François Martin Laval (Drama)

16-18 years: "Culottées" Mai Nguyen et Charlotte Cambon (a series of animated episodes)


With this program we not only want to provide a great selection of French movies to explore, but we also want the children to experience a foreign movie in Theater.

The Maple theater since the beginning of this project, six years ago, as supported us and helped us again this year to bring a memorable experience to a group of about 50 students, 6th and 7th graders.