In-person classes for children are opening! Previous virtual classes continue to be scheduled as previously. Please note that for zoom classes a Parent CONSENT FORM is required if you do not wish us to record the class.

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The Alliance Française provides quality programs for children. 

Striking balance between fun and serious, the extensive program offers rigorous academic objectives while entertaining children with games and activities.

Classes for francophone children are online and some are in-person. (Fall program pdf.)

FALL program for Children and Teen

Classes are online or in-person (Class title with IN-PERSON means that the class will be at our office, titles with no indication of in-person means that the class is online)

Our classes for teenagers offer a unique experience to learn the French language.

Classes are taught mostly in French, using books written exclusively in French creating an environment better suited to language learning. Our small classes (max 6 students) allow for more direct teacher/student interactions.

Our highly motivated teachers make learning French enjoyable and fun!

Our team can provide group classes, online or in-person tutoring or individual classes. If you do not see the level you are looking for in our program, email us at we may be able to create what you need.