The Alliance Française de Detroit / French Institute of Michigan strives to maintain safety and quality work for students, members, and teachers.

Virtual classes continue to be offered, for adults as well as for children and teenagers.

A small selection of on-site classes is available for adults and private in-person classes are possible for youths. Until further notice mask and vaccination will be required for in-person classes.

What are Virtual Classes?

Virtual classes include online teaching and learning environments where teachers and students can engage and interact with another and work in groups.

It is like a live class, but each person is in a different location.

What Do You Need?

Teacher and students need a computer and an internet connection.

Computer must have audio and microphone access; camera access is a plus but not required.

In case a student does not have internet or a computer, it is possible to join a class by phone.

Pedagogical material: If you are a new student, you will be provided a code to access an online version of our teaching material.

If you prefer to work with a regular book, paper version. You can purchase the book by calling us and the material will be sent to your address.

How will the class work?

We are working with zoom, a virtual video conferencing provider.

The teacher will email you an invitation with a link to join the meeting.

For your first connection, try to connect 10 minutes in advance in case you need to test the computer audio, or the connection itself.

Have your book next to you with a notebook or paper and pen for notes.

Wait for the teacher to open the class.

You will be able to see and interact with the teacher and other participants, you will be able to follow on your screen the lesson and you will have notes from the teacher on the screen also.

A white board is available if the teacher wants to use this tool for writing exercises.

Certain classes will have access to Apolearn, an e-platform where teacher can share ressources, documents, homework.

It allows a safe sharing and communication space, that is a plus in case a class is missed.

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